Important Update from Dr. Bier

Dear students and readers: I am stepping back from Decoding Dementia to focus on my own and my family’s health issues. You know how I want everyone to be realistic about what is possible, and to take care of oneself. What kind of teacher would I be if I won’t do that for myself?


I won’t be accepting new clients at this time. I will work with current and former clients on an as-possible basis. So, when will I be back to full strength? When will classes and consults resume? I don’t know. I will let you know once I know myself.


In the meantime, my book -- From Crisis to Calm – is available through Amazon, both the digital and printed copies. It’s a brief volume and you can make many helpful changes by reading it.


Be well, and don’t forget to do the Dementia Two-Step wherever you go… it’s highly effective even where there’s no dementia.