For Professional Caregivers and Helping Professionals

Do you or your staff want to handle dementia behavior more easily? Prevent much of it before it happens?

Decoding Dementia, Inc., is available to help your home care agency, assisted living, skilled nursing, assisted living, or independent living facility, hospital, professional practice, or any other professional setting that regular handles people with dementia. DD's founder, Deborah Bier, PhD, the "Dementia Behavior Expert" and author of From Crisis to Calm, is creating an online course that will teach all levels of your staff how to successfully engage and work with people living with dementia.

"I can't believe I didn't know the things I learned from the professional caregiver Decoding Dementia Course! Everything has changed! My clients and I get along so much better now."

"Decoding Dementia used by our home care agency turned around our family crisis. I feel more in control now and there's much more peace in the house. My father is calmer, and more like himself. I couldn't believe this was possible, but it is!"

"There was so much I didn't know about Alzheimer's, but Dr. Bier's course taught me so much, including things I didn't learn in my nursing education. This made all the difference. She's an amazing teacher, too! Best Continuing Education course I've ever taken."

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