Learn How to Handle Dementia Behavior Online for Families!

There are two webinars to help families online now!

Three "Secrets" of Dementia is a FREE webinar you can view any time! Click on the image to the right to begin, or launch the webinar here

Next, take a look at Foundations of Handling Dementia Behavior for Families, a multi-week, self-paced course to help you learn the basics of dementia handling and care, and how to customize this special approach to your family's needs. Clink on the second image at right to enroll or learn more, or launch the course description and enroll here


Learn the care methods Dr. Bier discovered were most successful as she has coached hundreds of desperate family members out of their dementia crisis.   


In just a few weeks, you could feel life is in much better control, as you exercise the tools to cope with your loved one’s Alzheimer’s disease, or some other type of dementia.   

Deborah Bier, PhD, is known as the "Dementia Behavior Expert." She has successfully trained thousands of family and professional caregivers in dementia behavior-handling best practices. She is an internationally respected educator and a well-received conference speaker.

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